Strategic Human Resources Management

To What Extent is Strategic Human Resources Management Practiced in Your Company?

Nowadays, companies’ survival and competitive edge hinge on the qualified human resources they possess, and their ability to hold on to this invaluable resource. In today’s rapidly evolving business world, companies can run their strategic management processes with success only if they can manage their Human Resources strategically. In order to keep abreast of the change, and most importantly, to survive and stay ahead of the competition, companies now have to view their human resources through a strategic perspective, and rapidly complete their shift from Conventional Personnel Management methodology towards Strategic Human Resources Management.
By filling out our “Strategic Human Resources Management” test, you can receive not only our report on where you stand in this transformation, but also free information about Human Resources Approaches that may drive forward your company’s success.

Stratejik İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi Testi

    In which field does your company operate?
    Production Services Commerce

    How many employees does your company have?
    1-9 10-49 50-250 250 +

    Is there a separate Human Resources department in your company?
    Yes No

    What is the name of the department in charge of Human Resources?
    Personnel Department Human Resources Department Administrative Affairs Department Personnel and Administrative Affairs Department Other

    Please write details.

    To whom does the Human Resources Department report to?
    Business Owners - Senior (Top) Management Mid-Level (Department) Management First-Line (Operational) Management

    How many people work in your Human Resources Department?
    1 person 1-5 people 6-10 people more than 10 people

    What is the title of the most senior officer in your Human Resources Department?
    Assistant General Manager - Human Resources Human Resources Manager Personnel Manager Human Resources Specialist Human Resources Support Staff Other

    Please write details.

    What is the education level of the employees in your Human Resources Department?
    Bachelor's degree and above High school diploma and above We also have junior high school graduates and below

    What are the functions fulfilled by your Human Resources Department?
    (You may choose more than one option.)
    Recruitment and placementPerformance evaluationOccupational health and safetyPayroll and personnel affairsSocial events, transportation and cateringTraining and developmentCareer planningCompensationCreating a talent poolSocial responsibility activities Other

    Please write details.

    Why isn't there a Human Resources Department in your company?
    Limited number of employees Financial and technological constraints Other

    Please write details.

    Which company department fulfills Human Resources-related tasks and responsibilities?
    Business owners Department heads Department of financial and administrative affairs Other

    Please write details.

    Which of the below describes best the philosophy of your company?
    Business-Centric People-Centric Sales-Centric Cost-Centric

    Which would be more accurate as regards your employees?
    Employees are a cost item for the company. Employees are a resource to train and develop.

    Which of the below most accurately describes the Human Resources activities in your organization?
    Regulating and managing the financial and legal relations mainly between employees and the company, and the company and state. Addressing the expectations of all executives and employees, offering training and development, and providing guidance towards corporate goals.

    Which is correct for the Human Resources activities in your company?
    It is not highly integrated with the other departments. It operates in integration with all the organizational units within the company.

    Which criteria is used to gauge the success of Human Resources activities in your firm?
    Enhancement of business performance. Successful implementation of personnel policies.

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