The Process


Successful search and selection efforts demand the capacity to correctly understand the position in question and to accurately and fully analyze the requirements of that position.

In this regard, we take the following steps in order to determine the most suitable candidate for a position:

1) Receiving information about our client

2) Getting a full grasp of the sector

3) Understanding the corporate culture

4) Identifying the special competences demanded by the position in question

5) Uncovering the key aspects to determine the right candidate

Due to the continuity of our operations in various sectors over the years, 444İK's database already includes all the potential applicants for the job opportunity at hand. Our reputation in the sector and the positive feedback from the candidates who participate in our processes continues to drive up the number of applications we receive. We meticulously analyze the résumé of every applicant. Even if there are no suitable positions available for a specific résumé at that moment, we add it to our database to evaluate it in the future.

Furthermore, we conduct active research in order to identify the candidates who could fit best a specific position. Our method is largely based on establishing connections with certain groups via social and professional platforms. As such, we maintain a continuously upgraded, rich database of candidates from which we can always identify the individuals with the right qualifications in a rapid and efficient manner.


We employ a number of selection and evaluation techniques to find the right candidate.

  • Preliminary evaluation and phone interview to ensure that the candidate is in conformity with 444İK standards
  • Comprehensive face-to-face interview performed by 444İK consultants at our office, at the client's office, or over the Internet
  • References collected from the candidate's professional contacts

After identifying the suitable candidates, we continue to work with our client to ensure that each candidate fully adapts to their work environment and succeeds in the tasks they are assigned.

This approach goes beyond the classical evaluation methodology, by helping 444İK determine whether the applicant in question possesses the qualifications necessary to outperform other applicants in a given work environment.

For instance, will a certain candidate be able to cope with the stress associated with equity trading?

Does this candidate possess the right managerial skills and stance to provide assistance to the chairman?

Can this applicant adapt to the creative environment of an advertising agency?

This is the approach which allows 444İK to create a difference.


444İK İnsan Kaynakları Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. is a private recruitment agency certified by the Turkish Federal Employment Agency with licence number 317 and validation update 06.11.2014. Due to Turkish labour law no 4904, its strictly forbidden for the private employment agencies to obtain any fee or benefit from the job seekers.