Business Model of the New Era

Leave Human Resources Management to the Experts

Business methods and work models are evolving. Agility, professionals’ focus on their own field of expertise, and results-oriented independent work gain in importance. Outsourcing and independent work are becoming widespread. Working remotely has now turned into an integral part of our lives. 444İK generates added value by offering speed, convenience and professionalism to companies with its business model in step with the “new era”.
Human Resources is a field of service that requires specific expertise, where one can go the extra mile only with a highly experienced team. For companies, managing in-house functions requiring special competency and experience such as Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Information Systems, Advertising and Design is not only a more costly method, but also yields less efficient professional results. Today, numerous companies outsource their Information Systems, Advertising and Design services to specialized companies rather than setting up a dedicated department in-house.
444İK offers a new business model that relieves companies from having to establish a dedicated in-house Human Resources department or to recruit employees for this purpose. The business model proposed by 444İK enables companies to receive the services of Human Resources specialists without having to employ such experts in-house.
One very important feature of our business model that truly makes it best-in-class is ensuring that clients receive services uniquely from specialists. Each consultant working at 444İK has been carefully selected from among professionals who possess the expertise, know-how and competence to deliver Human Resources consulting independently. We can offer more value through our services owing to our meticulousness in selecting consultants. Furthermore, each of our consultants provides services in keeping with the 444İK Quality Standards, thereby ensuring that every client receives a top-caliber service at the same standards.
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