Selection and Recruitment

Join forces with 444İK to meet your demand for new recruits, and establish new teams composed of employees with the right skills in an efficient manner.
With its target-oriented perfectionist team and impeccable service philosophy, 444İK helps you expand the workforce in your company in an effective and long-lasting manner, and underpins your success in the industry. Our Selection and Recruitment Service comes with a large array of additional professional services for our clients.
As part of this service, you may benefit from
We can empower your company with our service quality, positive energy and recruitment success.

Mass Recruitment

We continue to be the solution partner of our clients with the successful mass recruitment processes we have carried out for over a decade. This service has brought us the appreciation of numerous industry-leading companies. We possess a strong database to reach at once a large number of similar candidates, and a robust organization to evaluate all this data as swiftly as possible. We provide you with the rapid and agile service you require in your Mass Recruitment projects to help you set up call center teams, customer support staff, field sales teams and distribution teams such as couriers, or recruit graduate management trainees, medical representatives and tellers. In order to achieve your recruitment goals, we offer you full support in all labor-intensive recruitment phases, including process consulting.

Recruitment of Associates and Mid-Level Managers

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, we clearly see the importance of having executives that transform information into advantage. Cognizant of our responsibility in making direct contributions to the intellectual capital of our business partners, we offer you services to identify the managers who may shape the future trajectory of your company. When you seek mid- and high-level executives such as Associates, Managers, Directors, and General Managers, we help you identify in the fastest manner the right candidates best suited to your company culture, who may offer the highest productivity for your organization.

“Head Hunting” with 444İK Executive

Talent hunting is a field of expertise in its own right. It is crucial to team up with expert consultants who are in the know about your industry. Our expert consultants specializing in various industries can help you identify the competent senior executives with the qualities that you seek, and determine how you may reach them. With a special focus on your company and industry, our expert consultants can help you spot the right talent with much more ease, and then make the right choices.
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