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Your Reliable Solution Partner for Your Mass Recruitment Needs: 444İK

No matter the size of your company, 444İK mass recruitment services will help you save time and labor.

444İK helps you increase the number of permanent employees in your company with its experienced, target-oriented expert team and allows you to identify and solve your mass recruitment needs.

The Professionalism You Seek in Your Mass Recruitment Projects

If you want to start a new project or grow your team quickly, but don’t have the time or staff to recruit: our mass recruitment support is ideal for you.

Mass recruitment is an operational process that is not at all easy and requires a high-skilled labor force. These processes need to be planned correctly and managed by competent teams.

As 444İK, we have the organizational structure and competence to successfully carry out mass recruitment projects for more than 15 years. We continue to be the solution partner of choice for Turkey’s leading companies. We have succeeded in gaining the appreciation of many leading companies in their sectors with our mass recruitment services. We have a strong database that will reach a high number of segmented candidates. At the same time, we have a strong organizational structure that can evaluate data as quickly as possible.

Areas We Provide Bulk Purchase Services Include:
  • Bank tellers
  • Call center teams
  • Telemarketing teams
  • Management trainees (MT)
  • Medical representatives
  • Field sales teams
  • Delivery teams such as couriers, drivers, office drivers
  • Retail sales teams
  • Staff that require expertise in food retail, such as butchers and greengrocers
  • Labor force for factories and all kinds of production facilities
  • Warehouse clerks
  • Forklift operators
  • Cashiers
  • Chefs, service staff, stewards, kitchen cleaners and housekeeping staff for hotels, restaurants and cafes

For such positions, we provide the fast and agile service you need in your Mass Recruitment projects, saving you time and effort.

In addition to mass recruitment, we also provide individual recruitment services.

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