Information Note on the PDPL (KVKK)

At 444İK Human Resources Consulting Ltd. (“444İK”), we attach immense importance to protecting the personal data of our clients and suppliers, the executives, employees and shareholders of the organizations we work with, as well as job seekers, our Partners and other individuals associated with 444İK. In its capacity as data controller, 444İK takes all the necessary measures in this regard as per the applicable legislation, in particular the Turkish Constitution and Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (“KVKK”).
The aim of the hereby information note is to inform you about the main issues covered by KVKK, such as the processing of your personal data, transfer of this processed personal data, methods and legal reasons for gathering your personal data, and your related rights as set out in Article 11 of KVKK, in accordance with our responsibility to inform you, pursuant to Article 10 of KVKK.

1. Data Controller

As per KVKK, in our capacity as Data Controller, we hereby declare to you that we shall record, store, process, categorize and update your personal data in line with the below purposes and in accordance with the applicable legislation and rules of integrity; and to the extent and under circumstances designated by KVKK and other applicable legislation, we shall disclose and transfer your personal data to third parties in keeping with the purpose of processing.

2. Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data

We process your personal data in line with the fundamental principles outlined by KVKK and other applicable legislation, in order for you to benefit from the services on offer from 444İK, on the basis of your explicit consent and / or other conditions set forth in Article 5/2 of KVKK, and other binding legal legislation.
Owing to the types of services provided by 444İK, we process your personal data in order to maintain our Company’s commercial activities such as consultancy services for selection and / or assessment of candidates, recruitment and human resources procedures, evaluation, leadership development and coaching services for our clients’ workforce, technical processes, as well as to meet the demands of third parties. All data is stored securely in physical and electronic environments in accordance with its purpose of processing and for the appropriate period of time. In this respect, 444İK fully complies with its obligations as set out in the applicable legislation, in particular KVKK.
The Personal Data We May Process and Its Sources
As a data controller, we collect, process and record information concerning your ID, contact information, professional resume, experience, academic education and vocational training, references, professional and psychometric assessment, skills, current, past and desired salary, as well as visual and audio data.
444İK employs cookies, web beacons and similar technologies on its website, as is the case with most websites, so that you may make the most of our site and enjoy a better user experience. By employing these technologies, we can analyze in bulk fashion which pages our visitors visit, which of our products and services they are interested in, from where and through which platforms they arrive to our website, and we capitalize on these analyses to enhance your experience on our website. You may access our policy regarding the use of these technologies on the page “Cookie Policy”.
Furthermore, within the scope of our business relationship with our Partners, our Company or else real or legal persons authorized by our Company gather, process, record and / or store the personal data of our Partners, in order to be able to further our operations in various service areas.
In addition, personal data regarding the real person representatives of the real or legal persons from whom we procure goods and / or services and with whom we collaborate, are also collected, processed, recorded and / or stored by our Company or the real or legal persons authorized by our Company.

3. Purpose, Methods and Legal Reasons for Collecting and Employing Your Personal Data

444İK collects your personal data through the below-mentioned channels in order to carry out its activities as a human resources service provider and a private employment agency.
3.1. Personal data that you directly provide to 444İK: All information and documents that you share with us;
3.2. Personal data about you gathered from third parties: Information and documents collected from 444İK’s business partners and / or official bodies such as Turkish Employment Agency;
3.3. Personal data which we collect by means of cookies and similar technologies;
3.4. Information gathered from social media platforms open to third party access, or from third parties who may provide references about you.
Such information may be collected by 444İK, 444İK Partners and / or real or legal persons processing data on behalf of 444İK, verbally, in writ or online, by means of websites, various agreements, e-mails, forms, surveys, invitations, mobile apps and similar instruments.
In this respect, your personal data can be processed and transmitted with your explicit consent as per the principles set forth in Article 4/2 of KVKK, or without your explicit consent in the cases designated in Article 5/2 and Article 6/3.

4. Transfer of Your Personal Data

Based on your explicit consent, or in the cases set forth in Article 5/2 of KVKK, in accordance with the personal data processing terms and purposes stipulated in Article 8 and Article 9 of KVKK, our Company may share your personal data collected within the scope of the above-mentioned processing purposes with our Partners, direct/indirect business partners, contracted customers to whom we offer services, suppliers, independent audit companies in line with legal limitations, and public institutions or agencies authorized to request this data as per applicable legislation, as well as other institutions and organizations not limited to the above. 444İK may also store this data on servers / cloud platforms exclusive to 444İK in Turkey and / or abroad, and transfer this data to data processors.

5. Your Rights As Per KVKK, Article 11

First and foremost, it is important that your personal data we process and / or store is accurate and up-to-date, owing to the characteristics of our commercial operations at 444İK. As such, we kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible if there are any changes concerning your personal data.
On the other hand, as the owner of the personal data in question, you have the following rights pursuant to KVKK, Article 11 without prejudice to the clause on “exceptions” in Article 28:
5.1. You have the right to learn whether your personal data was processed or not,
5.2. request information if your personal data was processed,
5.3. learn the purpose for processing your personal data and whether it was used in line with this purpose,
5.4. learn about the third parties in Turkey or abroad to which your personal data was transferred,
5.5. request a correction in case your personal data was processed in a deficient or erroneous manner,
5.6. request the deletion or elimination of your personal data in accordance with the conditions set out in KVKK, Article 7,
5.7. in case you request a correction if your personal data was processed in a deficient or erroneous manner, or request deletion or elimination, you may demand that third parties to which your personal data was transferred be notified of these transactions as well,
5.8. you may make an objection in case the processing of your personal data by exclusively automated systems yields results to your detriment,
5.9. or demand compensation for any damage you may incur in case your personal data is processed in an unlawful manner.

When exercising your rights in this scope, you are required to communicate your demands “in writ” to 444İK, and through the methods designated by the Company. Since the Personal Data Protection Board has not yet designated any other method, it is necessary for you to send your requests in writ. To this end, in order to file an application, you may apply in person to our Company’s address at “Vadistanbul Teras 215. Sokak No:4 5. Blok 52 Ayazağa Sarıyer/İstanbul”, with a written petition including information about the right you want to exercise and the documents that confirm your identity, or alternatively, you may dispatch your request to 444İK by means of a notary public, or with a secure electronic signature.

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