Who are We?

We are at your service with more than 16 years of recruitment experience!

At 444İK, we specialize in recruiting customer representatives for call centers and have become the best-known domestic brand in the mass recruitment market.

In 2007, we began as a Recruitment Company providing customer representatives for call centers. As a result of our customer-oriented approach and the care we show for our work, we have become one of the most-preferred companies in this field in a short time.

In line with the demands of the leading companies in the Finance, Telecommunication, and Insurance sectors, and we have supported corporate companies in “Mass Recruitment” projects such as Field Sales, Bank Teller, Collection, and Telemarketing in addition to the Call Center projects.

Additionally, our proven expertise in mass recruitment has made us a preferred company for mass recruitment projects in the e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing sectors.

We are proud to be a successful company that is appreciated by leading institutions in various sectors. As 444İK, we have achieved this success by overseeing more than 8,000 job placements to date. We are very proud of our references, which are indicators of our success.

Our References​

Our History

Since our establishment in 2007, we have constantly expanded and renewed our services by updating our workflow to align with new needs and trends.

Since 2019, we have implemented the “Partner-Oriented” management system, a new business model that enables all stakeholders to win. With this system, we provide high service standards to our customers with our expert and highly experienced professional consultants, who we call “Partners”, which we provide the opportunity to work independently. We believe that we can make a significant difference in the sector with our business model.

With our new brand, WorkAndShine, which we launched in 2022, we began offering middle and senior executive recruitment as well as Human Resources Services, which used to be offered under the umbrella of 444İK.

The consultancy services we offer under our WorkAndShine brand include:

  • Specialists, Middle and Senior Executive Search and Selection
  • HR Strategy Planning
  • Creating Talent Pools
  • Performance Evaluation Systems
  • Training and Coaching
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Personnel Affairs
  • Employee Engagement
  • Creating Employer Brands
  • Internal and External Communication Consultancy
  • Digitization of HR Processes
  • “Agile” Working Systems Consultancy
  • Outplacement Process Consultancy

We continue to be your reliable solution partner for all these services with our WorkAndShine brand.

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If you would like to obtain more detailed information about our Mass Recruitment service and to receive an offer for our services, you can send us your contact information online via the “Service Information Form”. Our expert team will contact you shortly.

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